EuroDyne Tool + Mabotech Tune


Combined package of the Maestro tool with our world renowned tuning services.

All of our tunes have been properly tested and developed in house along with our dealers and thousands of clients.


Better thermal management
Quicker response and more precise pedal to power
Higher overall efficiency, better mpg (case dependent)
Custom Mabotech exclusive altitude corrections
Pops and crackles (not recommended) (ecu dependent)
World record settings calibration approaches.



Combined package of the Maestro tool with our world renowned tuning services.

Eurodyne Maestro Tool

The Maestro tuning suite is a hardware and software package that allows users to:

  • Flash your vehicle at home with no shop appointment or schedule an unlimited number of times
  • Use any of the supplied base files (stage 1, 2, or Mabotech custom tuned files)
  • Datalog the ecu parameters
  • Adjust speed, rev, boost, torque limiters
  • Re-scale for larger injectors
  • Adjust timing maps
  • Run diagnostics (check and clear fault codes etc..), and read ecu measuring blocks


Due to the large variances from different supported generation Ecus some functions that work on some may not work on others.

If you wish to receive more info about your particular vehicle contact us with your ecu part number and questions through

We provide software from the Dominican Republic with compliance of Dominican regulations and taxing laws, the use for our files elsewhere is the sole responsibility of the user, check local laws and allowed uses for them, misuse of these files are the sole responsibility of the user NOT the provider.

The length of our support extends to the following:
  1. After the tune is considered finished for the current hardware.
  2. If there’s a hardware change during the tuning process regardless of the stage. This will be at Mabotech’s discretion.
  3. If there’s 90 days or more of inactivity during the tuning process regardless of the stage.
  4. We may provide some assistance for certain problem solving situations that present themselves, but the resolution should be followed within the above set timeframe and it is to be covered completely by the client.

All service sales are final and non refundable.

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