Mabotech Basic DS1 custom tune for 2.5T and 4.0T



S6/S7/S8, RS6 and RS7

After countless hours in house, with our dealers around the world and DS1 developers, applying our experience working exclusively on VAG vehicles for thousands of projects including world records and top tier ranked setups, we have managed to carefully produce the best custom solutions for the DS1 platform.


  • Perfect calibration from Stage 1 91, 93 and race fuel to fully built race cars
  • From 850cc to +2200cc and more PFI supplemental fueling.
  • Full Rattle fix under all driving conditions without compromising response
  • Smoother and more precise pedal to power transition
  • Optimized exhaust flap settings (not just 0 sport mode)
  • Cold start update flap and flap-delete (stable rpms and quiet or loud operation)
  • Launch control optimization (boost levels and tolerances)
  • Different levels of pops and bangs for specific maps **not recommended higher than lvl 1**
  • Proper fuel to load calibration and distribution
  • Updated cam timing and reworked ignition advance profiles
  • load dynamic balancing to favor brand specific TCU software
  • Automatic altitude correction
  • Custom traction control
  • Optimized thermal management
  • Multilayered fail-safe preventive strategies
  • Many, many more exclusive calibration updates.

MAP 0 features:

Safe or conservative mode, (91 octane or Ethanol) full ethanol settings are also in safe mode.

MAP 1 features:

Street mode with higher overall efficiency, MPG friendly and smooth daily use on 93 octane fueling or Flex (full ethanol settings are also in street mode)

MAP 2 features:

Race mode with higher output while respecting limits, updated thermal management and more enthusiast oriented package on Race fueling (+102aki) or full ethanol only.

MAP 3 features:

Race mode with fans full blasting 100% in cool down mode.

This is a good Map for back to back runs or waiting at the drag strip, also track with race fuel.



Maps can be interchangeable for user preferences or completely replaced like VALET mode.

Some features may still be under development and/or not available for some ecus.

Some setups may require more revisions than others to be perfected, they are included in our tuning cost.


DS1 team took years with thousands of hours of development to bring the first of it’s kind product to market, building on experience with other platforms since the turn of the century in ECU tuning, reverse engineering and custom feature development for many companies including their own. Bringing quality, innovation and standalone type features to factory ECUs.

We cover all markets worldwide and offer fast (1 business day) shipping within the US. We also offer 1-2 working day shipping to most of the EU. These are the times quoted by the services we use, but are not guaranteed. Other locations we will try to get the best service possible.

This includes the DS1 tuning suite and Mabotech custom tuning service.

We provide software calibration from the Dominican Republic with compliance of Dominican regulations and taxing laws, the use for our files is the sole responsibility of the user, check local laws and allowed uses for them, misuse of these files are the sole responsibility of the USER and NOT the provider.

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