Mabotech EA888.1-2-3 DI Fuel...

Mabotech EA888.1-2-3 DI Fuel injectors Drop in

Mabotech EA888 upgraded injectors \n \n- brand new 7R injectors are run through Multistage testing procedures ensures the highest reliability. \n \n- Correct spray pattern minimizing low mpg, cold start, idle and black smoke issues. \n \n- 100% drop in, no harness or wiring modification required. \n \n- 50-60% higher flow increase and then matched sets. \n \n- 100% bolt on, no harness required. \n \n- Tested both electronically and mechanically. \n \n- No need for over-current mods to get them to work.
Mabotech EA888 Fuel injectors are a must have for any enthusiast that wishes to unleash the power of their vehicles without loosing efficiency and/or retaining a stock look. \n \nAs with all products there are risks involved in using performance products, we run several stages of testing to make sure the injectors have a constant performance and even higher than stock reliability with that said we are not responsible for any damage that may incur directly or indirectly related to any of our products.
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